• Sponsor a Budding Talent

    Cyber Peace Foundation gives you an opportunity to give back to the society that has given you so much. We cannot deny the fact that innumerable talented children having a huge prospect in the cyber security domain exist who are underprivileged, and thus are not able to realize their potential and live their dream.
    We seek to provide these children with a platform to hone their talent and provide them with all the necessary technical and financial aid needed. In this scheme of sponsorship, you get a chance to make a difference to the life of a budding talent and thereby give to the world, a cyber intellect. You can do this by committing yourself to help an underprivileged child through regular donations. This way you not only reach out to that child, but also affect his/her whole family as the child’s success would mean economic upliftment of the whole family.
    Your contributions would enable the society to produce so many more cyber security experts who are vitally needed by the society to maintain cyber peace.

Ways to contribute:

  • You may choose to sponsor a child by making a one-time donation, however big or however small, depending on whatever suits you.

  • You may choose to sponsor a child for a year by making regular monthly donation.

  • You may choose to sponsor a child until he/she starts earning.

  • If you choose this type of sponsorship, you make monthly donations. All donations made are eligible for tax exemption

    To make a Donation contact us at +91.9570000265 or mail us at info@cyberpeacefoudation.org