• Donation in form of knowledge, skill and expertise

    You do not necessarily need to have money to donate, all you need is intent. Your willingness and commitment is all that is required. We have this scheme of donations wherein we invite corporates and individuals alike to conduct training and mentoring sessions for our volunteers.
    An organization can provide donation in the form of knowledge and skill of their employee. The organization can provide the service of their employee for training the incoming volunteers of the Cyber Peace Corps. Their expertise can be very helpful in into making our volunteers competent enough to work in their respective allotted field.
    Individuals who hold expertise in fields such as IT or Cyber-space Security and any other learned people like police personnel, defense personnel, judges and lawyers, professors, teachers, medical practitioners, etc. may also share their knowledge and train our volunteers. Your training sessions would be invaluable to our volunteers in making them competent.

The training sessions may have the following structure:

  • You may conduct a one to three day brief workshop.

  • You may conduct a week long training session.

  • You may conduct a month long training.

  • If you are an organization, you may conduct training sessions every month over a longer period of time, say one year or more.

  • If you are a professional individual, and look to conduct sessions only on weekends, you are most welcome to do so.

  • If you wish to ‘donate in the form of expertise’, you may proceed by filling up our donation form and providing the requisite training specifics there.

    To make a Donation contact us at +91.9570000265 or mail us at info@cyberpeacefoudation.org