• e-Raksha (Specialized Training & Internship)

    We provide specialized training in new technologies like
    -Mobile Security
    -Cyber Forensics
    -Cyber Crime Investigation
    -Business Continuity Planning (BPC)
    -Open Source
    CPF ensures good training experience to the students and professionals. We have fully equipped labs that help students to learn the practical aspects. Sessions are taken by international renowned experts and award winners in the same domain.
    Students and professionals can join in for the training to enhance their skills and protect themselves from the atrocities of the cyber world.


CPF believes that internship is basically to learn and experience the practical applications of theoretical concepts that one learns through the books.
Students are given the on-the-job training and are acquainted with new technologies to keep themselves updated. Internship programs are conducted under guidance of scholars, academicians, bureaucrats and award winners of the same area. Students are given a chance to work for the society and to prove their mantel by contributing to awareness campaigns, workshops etc. At the end of the program we provide a lifelong membership to CPF as volunteers for the acknowledgment of their work in the organization.


Cyber Awareness Drive
Internet can be a treacherous slope for someone unfamiliar with the issues prevailing in the society. One step taken in the wrong direction can lead to disastrous consequences. It is therefore vital to know the way around the virtual world so as to elude such undesirable circumstances. Unfortunately, most internet users ranging from kids to adults, even the ones using the Internet for a long time, are unaware of such risks and dangers lurking throughout the vast expanse of cyber world. Thus the Cyber Peace Corps has come up with this initiative of spreading awareness among the users to make them proficient in recognizing the risk and threats that come up with the usage of Internet and imparting the necessary skills and tools to counter them.

Our initiative:

  • Our volunteers stand to organize Awareness Camps in schools and colleges. Educational institutions can be approached with the proposal for the same.
  • Our volunteers also organize Awareness Camp on request of any institution.
  • Specific contents are formulated for delivery during the camp in accordance with the target audience (school students, college students, parents etc.)